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Feel free to use any of these names for any platform like Instagram, Xbox gamertag etc. Slytherino Shmagrid Muggled DirtyDursley 46PrivetDrive TriwizardTourney TheChamberofWhispers HorcruxNo.3 WeasleyFace Aurorite McDonagall Witcherite Hoggies Sorted Hat DeathEatery GiantSquidditch WillowWhomper Divinator DementorKiss Nimbus6000 FatLadee Cruikshanks HowlinHowler MadEyedJohnny Dumbridge MagicalPeeves Hermioneless Azka So that is it! That is the definitive list. Feel free to copy paste any of these usernames. I am hoping J.K Rowling is proud of me …

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When presented with options in front of you, you are often going to think ‘Oh I really want to do this’ or ‘Oh I really want to do that’. The point of the matter is that at any one time everyone is making a decision about something in their mind.   Sometimes people will decide quite easily, other times it will be more difficult. Essentially they’re at a crossroads. Pretty much …

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